I wanted to tie The Three Amigos in three different colors and I wanted the colors to have a nice blend. Here is a step by step turorial. I hope it all makes sens. Sometimes I get rather nerdie when It gets to flytying, but I know I am not the only one and some of you will love this.


I can`t say how much I like sitting down for hours and hours and just fiddling with mixing diffrent colors. I do think the colors turned out great. The beads I use is a 3.4 mm tungsten bead and tied on a smal size 6 hook and I use kevlar thread. Let me take you thru the steps. Enjoy. PS. - It`s all just seal-fur.


Overview colors step 1.

Here you can se all the colors I have been using to make "The Three Amigos" basecolors. Ginger Ale, Fiery Brown, Magenta, Drak Olive, Black and Pruple.

Color No. 3, No. 2 and No. 1 is basecolors for the next step.

No. 3 = 20% Ginger Ale. 60% Fiery Brown. 20% Magenta.

No. 2 = 20% Magenta. 80% Dark Olive.

No. 1 = 20% Dark olive. 60% Black. 20% Purple.


here is the finished color for Amigo No 1.


Thanks for reading this article. If you have any questions please contact me and I will help you the best I can.

All the best Eivind Berulfsen.

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Overview colors step 2.

Here you se the three basecolors in the top (No 3, No 2 and No 1.) and the finished colors in the buttom (No 1, No 2 and No 3.)

These are the colors you use to tie The Three Amigos.

To get the No 1 color, mix these two:

50% No 3 and 50% No 1. = Amigo No 1.

To get the No 2 color, mix these two:

50% No 3 and 50% No 2. = Amigo No 2.

To get the No 3 color, mix these two:

50% No 2 and 50% No 1. = Amigo No 3.

here is the finished color for Amigo No 2.

here is the finished color for Amigo No 3.

Overview "The Three Amigos" colors. No 1, No 2 and No 3.

Amigo No 1.

Amigo No 1.

The Flies

"The three Amigos"

Amigo No 2.

Amigo No. 2
Amigo No. 3

Amigo No 3.

Mixing the colors 

For "The tHree Amigos"  08-02-2015


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